Friday, June 19, 2015

Typewriter Company Letters

From my personal collection, here is a random selection of letters sent out from those manufacturers of our beloved writing machines.

The Underwood letter, to me, is by far the most interesting solely due to the outstanding way in which they ask the customer for payment. They don't heckle, they simply state the facts in a most professional manner which many modern corporations could learn from.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

From the workbench: A 1936 Royal Junior appears

Currently, I am knee deep in rusted parts which once composed a certain Corona Special. Hours upon hours of standing there, scrubbing things with steel wool, and I still have miles to go. To keep my spirits up, I decided to just go ahead and clean this little gem which I acquired from the same store as the SM3 came from. Took only two hours clean and repair the drawcord (despite the horrid location of the springdrum). It is my personal opinion that I would have rather they taken out the entire shifting mechanism in the stead of the bell. It's somewhat sad not hearing that tiny little "Ding" at the end of a line. *sad violin plays in background*