Sunday, March 8, 2015

From What Typewriter? A Guessing Game, Part 1

I've a few separate machines on the operating table as of the moment, and thought that I would see how well the Typosphere knows the random bits and pieces of the innumerable machine makes and models out there. 

Object 1:
Clearly a key lever. But from what machine did this come from?

Object 2:
Of all the machines which I've taken down to pieces to clean and restore, this particular machine has by far the most unique type-bar design.

Object 3:
Another type-bar, but with its own unique twist; This type-bar is only about 2 and a half inches in length.

Object 4:
A switch with a balled top. A curious feature that not many typewriters often use. This is looking at it as if you were peering from the inside of the machine outwards.


  1. #2: Underwood?

    #3: Underwood 3-bank portable?

    1. You are correct on both accounts. #2 is from an Underwood 5, though I can only assume that they used the same design for models 1 though 5 and potentially even on later models.