Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fox Advertisements: Part 3

They're getting harder to find and some of these have already been found before, but presented thus are more Fox advertisements. Enjoy, and don't forget to send for your free trial run of a Fox Typewriter courtesy of Mr. William Fox, at 8102-8302 Front St., Grand Rapids, MI.

Alongside the advertisements, I found this little tidbit into the production capabilities of the Fox factory as they started production of the portables. If we go off of this information and assume year round production schedules, they could produce 9,125 portables in a single year which seems debatable due to the fact only roughly 13,000 machines were produced from late 1917 to 1921ish.
Also at 25 machines per day, at $50 a machine, a grand total of $1,250 in total sales could occur, which in today's currency is the equivalent of $14,500. The ten standard sized machines, selling at $100 would generate $1,000 of course, which is equivalent to $11,750 in today's currency.
That means that at during the aformentioned period of time, if this information correct, Fox was producing $26,250 in product on a daily basis. If we then assume the 365 days again, we get a total possible net sales of $9,581,250 in a year. I am quite curious what their profit margin was after calculating the cost of goods sold and labor expenses.


  1. My favorite is "Are you tied to a slow machine?"

    1. It is certainly one of their more unique advertisements, and possibly the only one I can consider humorous.