Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Molle Typewriter: Advertisements

Let's keep this inter-typosphere-research-and-related-postings train going! Shovel more coal!


  1. Nice! There's some tasty financial detail there about the end that we were missing. (:

    1. Hmmn, "Merchandise worth $78,697" - i wonder if that means they had 1,574 Molle No. 3's @ $50 each left over after disappointing sales?

    2. I would assume it does mean the typewriters, however the merchandise inventory would have been valued based on the firms choice of accounting principles or via state law (Since formal federal accounting law wasnt in place yet). This means that the number could represent the cost to produce the machines and not their market value, which would mean waaaayy more machines, or it could mean speculative sale amount, which could be around the direct division answer. I'm just really curious why the answer isnt a whole number, which makes me think they either valued the machines at some amount less than 50, or they also had a large merchandise inventory of pet rocks that throws the numbers off. Not really too important, but I figured I would mention it.

    3. Yep, I posted a bit of speculation about "these thousand or so Molles" maybe being the Libertys in tiny print. I figure if people are pondering it, more data might shake loose later. Like Mark Adams, I'd love to see a couple Liberty serials. They could be illuminating.