Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Fox Typerwiter Company: The Book, and a little video on the Daugherty Visible

My book on the Fox Typewriter Company is now open for sale. Paperbacks are $10, and Hardcover is $20. If you perhaps want to learn a bit more about Fox, I'm hoping this is the book for you.
Please note: This book is trade sized (9x6), is on cream colored paper, and is in black and white. Colorized images would have bloody well tripled the cost to print the book, so I didn't even want to bother with that option.

I created this book due to my fanaticism regarding the Fox typewriter company, and a desire to ensure that a well documented sort of historical compilation exists rather than just scattered blog posts or website blurbs. I have done my best to leave out anything truly opinionated (Such things will be saved for periodic entry's to ETCetera) so that this book can be used as a sort of base upon which to build further information and knowledge.

At the same time, I admit that this is the first time I have ever done something like this. I've never been very creative per say, and that shows in the amazingly bland cover, and lack of any true creative editing as is found in more polished books. I am also fallible, and there may indeed be some errors or false information in the book; To that end, I highly desire critique from those who read this book, and if you believe something within its covers is incorrect, do not hesitate to bring it up. An open debate about such things is the best way to determine the most likely and truthful answer.

It was a wonderful learning experience to create this book, and I hope perhaps that it inspires some of you to produce a book on your own favorite brand. As can be seen at the Typewriter Database, in the many collectors books such as those by Russo, by the recently released "Typewriter: A Celebration..." by Robert and Weil, and just from perusing the web and this site, there are a great multitude of typewriters and brands numbers in the hundreds. To my knowledge, there has been a book on the Oliver typewriter company. Now, there is one on Fox. That leaves everything else open. I say go for it.

And finally, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed creating it. Save for the stressful moments where everything starts falling apart before randomly coming back together again. Hopefully you don't experience that while reading it.



Also, I went ahead and made a video on the Daugherty Visible! If you wanted to see one in action for a few seconds, the quick demo is about halfway through.

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  1. Done.
    I'm always interested in a new typewriter book. I have yet to add a Fox to the collection though.