Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Noiseless Portable Typewriter

I've heard other collectors have a sort of "First 30-Cleanup", where they do some standard procedures to spiff up a machine they just got. I have the First 30-Breakdown.

The Noiseless, though in "good" condition, was absolutely filthy (as is expected of a machine this age).

About 3 minutes in, this is what I ended up with.

I love 3 bank machines. And I definitely love 3 bank machines with basket shift. The carriage on this puppy came off after just taking out two anchoring screws. The sides are decorative, so they popped right off without any effort as well.

Which left me with the base mechanics, all exposed.

The escapement is very simple, yet seems to be pretty well developed. It actually wont activate if the keys are hit hard enough to get the typebar all the way to the platen.

The motor is one issue to be dealt with. Outstandingly, these machines have a steel weave drawcord and it has held up very, very well.

The typebars and their unique weights. As can be noted on almost any noiseless design, its a scissor action. Also note that shifting for Cap lower the typebasket, an Fig raises the typebasket.

A ribbon crank is always a nice feature to have. This machine has all the features; margin release, backspacer, shift locks, etc.

Close of up of the dirt. Oh wait, I think there's an escapement under there.

And the underside of the machine. As can be seen, its an incredibly efficient, open design.

On todays agenda was motor repair. As is the case half the time with "broken" mainsprings, the little hooked part of the spring had been overwound or something, causing it to bend off the central catch. A slight bend to said spring got everything working again.

Reinstalled, and tension on the drawband. This machine will, hopefully, be fully cleaned and good to go by the end of next week.

Question for anyone who knows; how do I take the platen out? No screws are in use, and I cant seem to tell if its based on the twist-off knobs. 


  1. Ooh, sweet little machine! :D

  2. Where'd you find these! Thought the supply of these, the attics, the cupboards, had dried up a long time ago. And this in more than "good" condition too, going by the pictures :-)

    It'll likely go very quickly from "good" to an excellent condition - am actually curious about the escapement. Is the original Noiseless escapement as sensitive to skipping as the Remington-made version?
    Congrats on this find!

    1. I actually got this machine from a fellow collector, so the attics and cupboards could very well still be dried up, ha. It is in great condition, its just really, really dirty inside.

      I will let you know about the escapement once I get it running. It doesnt seem like it would allow skipping, but who knows.

  3. I've never dug into a Noiseless portable like this. Thanks for sharing the photos. (And yes, the woven steel drawband is amazing!)