Sunday, April 30, 2017

Magic Trick: National Cash Register

Want to see a magic trick?




 This cash register can now register cash again.

The original nickel plating was long gone; all that was left was a layer of paint someone else put on the machine, so I had the choice of either cleaning up the old dilapidated paint, scrubbing it all away to showcase the solid brass, or give it a new paint job. I chose to repaint it because getting the old paint out of every nook and cranny would have been a insanly time consuming task. Some day I may do that, or even get it properly re-nickel plated. Until then, here are some pictures of the process I took.


  1. hmmn, pretty! It's a National? I think I have some National Cash Register age lists from NOMDA. that thing got a serial & model number?

    1. Its actually got a sheet under the drawer with all the original sale info. NCR did a good job of that it seems, unlike most typewriter companies. This bugger was made in june of 1916

  2. Thank full , cash register he was new Way to help to us to get the business running sucessfull.