Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blogpost Extravaganza

 It's been awhile since I posted anything interested, so here's a random post with random stuff!

A Fox family portrait

Here I have three Fox portables being worked on at one time. The one on the far left, looking like a spidery nightmare, is my parts No. 1 machine. The one sitting on the tub is a No. 1 which was the recipient of the segment donated by the parts machine. The machine on the far right, fully disassembled, is a No. 2.

I have a side table set up to handle the overflow of parts bins and machines. 

 The Victor sits patiently, awaiting its new frame piece which is being designed and manufactured by a top secret typospherian.

 And I finally got around to my Emerson! The main thing keeping me from bothering with it was the annoyance of cleaning its keylevers. Their design tripled the time it normally takes me to clean a keylever.

The carriage finally yeiled to my efforts in dismantaling it. Two screws, anchored in place by nuts, had rusted in place and nearly bested me. I used just about the whole PB Blaster can you see here during my time trying to dislodge them.

The Emerson looks as pretty as it can, for having once been the rust bucket it was.

I found this pictures of a 1920s toaster on the internet, and am now on a quest to find one to buy.

Back to the Fox portables! It can get tedious cleaning the sets of 28. 28 keylevers, 28 typebars, 28 linkages, 28 activator linkages, etc.

A small break from typewriter work yeilded me a new copy holder stand.

Fox 1, Fox 2. Can you spot the differences? 

And today, I finally got the Fox 2 finished up. It has a Polish keyboard, which is neat. And the machine types better than the sample shown below now that I tweaked a few small things and got a fresher ribbon in it.

It works like a champ, and I'm thinking of using it for NaNoWriMo. Just got to clean its case up.


Also new to the collection, via another Typospherian, is this Remington 3B. I've been after one for quite some time, so I'm thrilled to have one.


  1. Nice family of Foxes. You've got quite a nice workshop. One day I hope to have a nice shop. You do some great work on those old typewriters. I have yet to fully disassemble a typewriter of any brand/age mostly because I would not be able to work on it day by day. My job takes most of my time.
    Thanks for sharing the nice typewriters and the fine tour of your shop.

  2. Man, that Emerson shines now! As always, amazingly impressed by what you can do with those machines :D

  3. Those look gorgeous! May I ask what’s in the brew in the tub? Is that derusting or cleaning/degreasing? I’m always looking for cleaning and restoring tips!