Sunday, December 10, 2017

Antique Store Contestants

I was able to go on a typewriter safari today, though it turned out that 2 of the stores I generally frequent (and find machines at) were closed early, so I will never know what treasures I possibly missed out on. Schrodingers antique store, if you will.

I found a whopping 4 machines in the other stores I traveled to. Did I take one home with me? If so, which?

A Royal Mercury, or a model near it.  In working condition, relatively clean. Backspace caused a bit of a skip however, acting like a tabulator almost. 

Price: $68.95

A Remington Noiseless, in decently clean shape. Margin release was broken, and the bell did not work. Otherwise, in respectable working condition.

Price: $68.95

A green Royal Quiet Deluxe, with the line-spacing button stuck in the platen so that said platen was not catching on the line spacing gear. Otherwise, in good working order.

Price: $50

A Remington Rand desktop, with wide carriage. Dusty, but fully functional upon inspection. 

Price: $74.99

The Safari led to fewer typewriters found than one may have on the East Coast, but I was just glad to find some regardless, and all considerably more affordable than antique stores tend to price them.


  1. I'd be tempted by the noiseless (one of my favorite pretty models) and the QDL (unusual color at a good price).

  2. Replies
    1. The QDL was certainly something most people would go for, but it doesnt fit with my style so i left it be for now

  3. I went for the noiseless. It looks to have been fully serviced at some point in the recent past, and shows it. Super clean, and very smooth to type on.