Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Californian Fox In The North Idaho Wilderness

Some of you might recognize this ol' machine. (Though with its front frame, perhaps)

 You would have last seen it at, where it had been brought from a dysfunctional state to one of smooth foxy typin' action. (I would like to mention that this machines carriage advanced very smoothly on arrival... despite the fact it is missing its ball bearing. Now that's a smooth design!) Now, due to the incredible generosity of a fellow Typospherian, Mrs. Mary E., it has come into my possession. And I will not fail this Fox; it's going to get the full, patented, copyrighted and trademarked Words Are Winged Typewriter Restoration Treatment©. 

What does that even mean, oh insane one?

Well, that means that this grand ol' Fox is going to have its:
Nickel parts re-plated
Aluminum parts polished to a shine
Painted mechanisms repainted
All parts properly lubricated
All rust eradicated
All typing... perfected.

The shifting arms had, once again, broken during transit. Folks, I hereby declare all Fox Desktops officially un-shippable. The magic pixies are out to harm these glorious machines. 

The paint will be the hardest part to deal with. I'm good with the mechanics, but I'm still learning to deal properly with paint. Especially pain that has its layer of varnish bubbling and yellowing.

A comparison of the Underwood 5 frame to the Fox. The Underwood would be slightly smaller, I believe.

A little bit of careful scratching revealed the gold lettering of the E. That whoever randomly painted some of the parts on this machine did so without even caring about the beautiful decor annoys me.

Well, perhaps I can get this thing cleaned without taking it apaWOOPS

Too late. This is the Fox after only an hour and a half in my hands.

The back top frame piece is held in by a rod in the dead center on its bottom. I cannot yet get it out, and that annoys me as well. It would expose the rest of the typewriter if I could get it out. That is tomorrows official job.

A Gajillion linkages. Not a Billion. A Gajillion.

Underwood Update: I've got the paper bail plate painted, and the front plate primed. This is what Regal Red looks like. Now, I just need to await the arrival of the new decals.


  1. Ha! That Fox is well-travelled - I anxiously await your tales of ministrations (:

    1. From Grand Rapids, MI to California to north Idaho, this Fox has certainly seen some sights.

  2. I am certain that there is no better place for that Fox than the woods of Idaho. I am thrilled that you wasted no time in tearing the Fox apart. It is very satisfying to see her get the WAW treatment. Also: I can't believe that "The Fox" may be intact on her behind under a coat of paint!

    Lastly: Regal Red is superb.

    1. This machine has one heckuva story to tell, I wager. The top frame part I have yet to take off also had a layer of paint that, when slightly removed, showed the original pin-stripping still kinda there. Someone tried to make her pretty again, I assume, despite paint loss and rust. They just went about it wrong.

      I imagine that by friday, the entire thing will be taken apart and the process of cleaning can begin in full force

  3. I am looking forward to the results on both machines!

  4. This machine has fallen into the best of hands TWICE! Thank you again for documenting the WaW process: learning more everyday! P.S. Maaaaan that Regal Red is outta sight! I haven't been able to perfect painting just yet...Kind regards,