Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Invasion of the Foxes

Either there is something natural about Foxes migrating to north Idaho, or I'm secretly trying to collect them all. The world may never know.

You may recognize this battered machine as the one and same Fox Typewriter previously possessed by Mr. Mark Adams of Type-Writer.Org. In obtaining it from him, I have secured that most vital piece of the restoration puzzle I have been missing; a parts machine. Though I believe that with alot of time, effort, and love, I could have made this machine whole once again, this machines sacrifice will provide for the currently dissassembled No. 23 two shifting arms, a nickel carriage push, an unbroken front bar, and any other odds and ends I might need. For my No. 25, it will provide tab stops and a stencil key top. And its ball bearings will be of great use.

The Foxes continue to arrive en force. I also was able to purchase, in a weak moment (though for a very reasonable and worthwhile price), another Fox, this one a No. 24. Most excitingly, it had its case! And I must say I've never seen such a heavy duty case. Don't mind the dings, this things thick steel.

And finally, having arrived with the currently disassembled No. 23, my new watchful protector. He protects the workbench at night from the evil that would harm any innocent typewriter.

 The invasion has changed the pecking order for my current list of machines. Previously, Underwood took top spot in terms of numbers, but it now ties with Fox;

9 Fox's
9 Underwoods
3 Coronas
3 Royals
3 L.C.S&Corona
3 Remingtons
2 Olivers

 Extra tidbits:
Before the invasion began, I had just finished up on this little guy. The original layer of paint had been messed with pretty badly by some previous owner, so I went ahead and scrubbed it all off. With a little polish, and some water avoidance, this steely little 3-bank stands out amongst the crowd.

The Underwood 5 now has its full keyboard. The freshly painted key levers contrast outstandingly against the red frame, and the cleaned nickel just adds to the whole look.


  1. Everyone needs parts machines, so never feel bad about that. (:
    Boy, that 3-bank looks sweet, and the #5 is looking great so far!

    1. On the contrary, I'm glad to have the parts machine. I tried wiring the Fox T.W. Co. to see if they could sell me parts, but they said I'd have to invent time travel first, which is out of my budget

  2. Foxes! I am so glad to see Type-Writer.Org's Fox has made her way to the woods of northern Idaho. I bet you could get that machine to type even after she serves as parts machine. Also - good to see Foxini alertly on duty as workshop protector. The Underwood 5 is already a showstopper.

    1. The more it comes together, the more I'm convinced Underwood should have offered its models in a variety of colors

  3. Getting a parts machine is a step I'm starting to recognize as well - stocking up here on little RP2's :-)
    Very impressed by the repaint and how clean the little 3-bank is - have you by chance used something like glass-bead blasting? Or chemicals fancier than mere acetone?
    Oo - and thanks for sharing all these images, inspiring to see! :)

    1. For parts I plan to repaint, I go ahead and use glass-beading so that I can get a smooth new coat. For parts I desire to be without paint whatsoever, I take the time to sandpaper by hand so that the end result is smooth and the sanding lines are single-directional