Thursday, January 26, 2017

Letterheads, spinning tops and rubber feet; Oh My.

I'm not usually all that interested in grabbing ephemera, though certain things do nab my attention. One of those things happens to be typewriter letterhead from the old company's. Now, normally even when interested, I wont try all that hard to get a letterhead. There's only one brand I would normally go nuts for, and the rest are sort of a "If I win it, cool. If not, oh well.". 


There is one thing that impacts my interest in such a thing on a level that's not so much about the typewriters or the brands themselves. As the old saying goes... its all about location, location, location.

These letterheads were down in California. And They didn't belong down there. They certainly didn't belong on the East Coast (where I'm sure most ephemera collectors are based on population density). They belonged back in the land where they were intended to be in the first place. The mythical, the magical, the Land O' Potatoes: Idaho.

North Idaho, more specifically. These two letters were sent, long ago, to Lewiston, which is just a short drive south of me, and which happens to be the home of my Collegiate Alma Mater. I clearly had to bring them home. And so I did.

I've now got letterheads for:

Blickerdoodle (As I like to call them)
LC Smith
And Duplex

I have digital, printable blank forms for two of the Fox styles, but sadly no actual letters. Someday, someday.

Speaking of Fox, I finally got one of these normally overpriced spinning tops. I won't lie, I had an odd bit of fun when I spun it as fast as I could. Now, it sits with my other Fox ephemera.

On another front, I finally decided to splurge on the well renowned services of one Mr. Steven Dade, and requisitioned some new rubber feet for my Sterling. Suffice it to say that Mr. Dade does incredible work, incredibly fast, and at an incredibly reasonable rate. These reproductions were a near perfect fit, and my Sterling now sits level and stable on the table.

One of the original feet was still in good shape. The others did their best to imitate pancakes.

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