Sunday, December 27, 2015

A 19-Something-Something Fox No. 4 Appears

I hadn't quite planned on showing it off yet, but Mr. Polt deduced what my hints meant within seconds. Here is my new (old) Fox No. 4, with tabulator. I had told myself I need to finish my project machines before I could consider getting anything else, but then this little gem came along, and I snatched it up within a heartbeat of finding it.

I've been wanting an upstroke machine for some time, but this is the ultimate one I could have wished for; A Fox (check) Upstroke (check) with decimal tabulator (check). Its a bit dirty, and the paints not perfect, but the nickel parts will clean up wonderfully and overall the machine is fully functional, if not stiff.

It has keys for feet, pounds, and degrees. I assume this machine would have been used for bookkeeping and, more specifically, inventory management.

Its got a two color ribbon selector. You push or pull the plunger on the left side of the front to move the giant ribbon backwards and forwards.

Its got a button for ribbon reverse on the back right. I'm not sure if its original or not since its a grey button, and doesn't really match anything else on the machine.

I now know what a two ounce touch feels like. This thing is lighter than anything I've ever typed on in regards to such. I assume only understrokes can allow for such a light action?

The decimal tabulator is ingeniously designed.

Theres something about lifting the platen up that just... fun

And finally, after much searching, I found the serial number on the type-basket circle on the right hand side. This machine is (clover symbol) 14171 (clover symbol). Im not sure what that means in regards to production, but according to the database that puts it somewhere between 1904 and 1906 I believe

.My Fox collection comes together.