Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Underwood 3 Bank Revival

I find the paint loss adds to the machines overall look, giving it an air of antiquity, of hard use, and survival of all that the ages have thrown at it. (Ok, I would rather it looked like it just rolled out of the factory, but as it just happens Underwood no longer makes these guys. Nor does Underwood exist as a company anymore. A pity.)

What it was like before any work (top) versus what it looks like now (bottom). 

Not quite as shiny as my later model, but just as classy.

Trust me, these pictures do no justice to how much cleaner it is. Photography is not a strong point of mine.

Words are Winged

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Underwood 3 Bank Portable Typewriter Rebirth

She may not be pretty now, but after I've carefully cleaned and polished her up, She'll seem like a new machine

The biggest issue I've got to deal with truly is the lack of a Y type-slug. It still confuses me how these ever could have come off in the first place.

And so far, I've learned how to take the carriage off of its rails. This machine is getting the deep clean.

My biggest question is, and I've noticed this on the other 3 Banks i own, is that the serial number on the right side frame of the machine and the serial number on the bottom of the machine do not match. They are always close, but not exact. Unlike other machines, did Underwood simply produce the parts and chuck them together willy-nilly despite conflicting serial numbering? Or did i happen to get three machines that had had parts swapped out? Please, let me know.
Tune in next time for a continuation of the restoration of a previously downtrodden machine!