Sunday, December 10, 2017

Antique Store Contestants

I was able to go on a typewriter safari today, though it turned out that 2 of the stores I generally frequent (and find machines at) were closed early, so I will never know what treasures I possibly missed out on. Schrodingers antique store, if you will.

I found a whopping 4 machines in the other stores I traveled to. Did I take one home with me? If so, which?

A Royal Mercury, or a model near it.  In working condition, relatively clean. Backspace caused a bit of a skip however, acting like a tabulator almost. 

Price: $68.95

A Remington Noiseless, in decently clean shape. Margin release was broken, and the bell did not work. Otherwise, in respectable working condition.

Price: $68.95

A green Royal Quiet Deluxe, with the line-spacing button stuck in the platen so that said platen was not catching on the line spacing gear. Otherwise, in good working order.

Price: $50

A Remington Rand desktop, with wide carriage. Dusty, but fully functional upon inspection. 

Price: $74.99

The Safari led to fewer typewriters found than one may have on the East Coast, but I was just glad to find some regardless, and all considerably more affordable than antique stores tend to price them.