Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fox Portable No. 1 Deconstruction

The Platen had finally arrived. Sliding it into place, fastening the knob to the end of the rod, and rolling in a new piece of paper, I eagerly anticipated the beautiful work my Fox Portable No. 1 Typewriter would produce. Alas that it was not to be. The ribbon vibrator was sluggish. The capital letters were off. Each strike of the key led to a faded double print. Key bars got caught under the comb and stopped the machine dead in its tracks. For all intents and purposes, the exterior of this machine was beautiful, but the interior was laughing at me.

It is laughing no more.

Say hello to only part of the machine still assembled. And even still, I have successfully taken this apart as well. I dare say I now understand the workings of the Fox P. No. 1 better than most anybody else. And despite my earlier disappointment with having so many small issues make the machine unable to properly type, I am glad it forced my hand.

I am glad because now I will be able to clean this filth. By the end of it all, my machine will be as clean as it was the day it rolled out of the factory. Every body piece, every segment, every screw is going to be thoroughly cleaned. One piece I've already cleaned has proven that, so long as one has patience and works at it, anything can gleam once more.
If there are any questions from any of you regarding issues with the inner inner inner workings of such a machine that you yourselves have, I will do my best to help you as well understand how to fix said issues.

A Nightmare on Typewriter Street

The victim was found decapitated by typewriter-police, with no intent to hide the separate parts. Officials are asking any witnesses to step forward.

Further autopsy yields few results. Typewriter City officials have declared a machine-hunt for the one responsible.

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  1. Oh man, I'm going to be on the edge of my seat waiting to see if it comes back together properly and WORKS. Hope so!