Saturday, September 20, 2014

Underwood 3 Bank For Sale

That's right folks, now You! Yes, You! have the exiting opportunity to purchase an Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter, of the 3 bank variety! Not found in stores.

Before I chuck this little guy onto the evil that is "Ebay", I figured that I would let the Typosphere have a shot at it first. Aside from the spots of paint loss on the front bar and the back on the sides where the case has probably hit for the past hundred years, and the slightly obliterated "E" from "Underwood" on the paper bail, this machine is in outstanding cosmetic shape. The nickel plating shines brightly, the black paint still holds a lust. Mechanically, there are only two issues I can note. One, the pin for cap's lock does not hold. Never got around to fixing it. Second, the machine gives paper just enough leverage over the guide that it allows a slight ghosting to occur above the written line (As the character just above the used one on the slug brushes against the paper.) Take a gander, if you would. I am open to any reasonable offers:

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  1. Tempted...
    My guess is there's a pond between our respective geographical locations that is costly, but tempted...