Monday, November 5, 2018

Standard Folding Typewriter, Cleaned Up

The Standard Folding is nearly done, with just some final adjustments and tuning required for it to work 100% as designed. It is currently able to type, just with some hiccups primarily due to issues with the feed roller and front guide invading one another's space. All in due time, and what not.

Before: I pulled these pictures off the original sale listing


Here you can see the keyboard, and the pharmaceutical keys it has.

After I finish tuning the Standard Folding, I'll have an angry swarm of Fox machines to clean up. This feller just arrived, and will join it's brothers on the bench. I can't keep up with it all.

This Fox was both taken care of and at the same time not taken care of. It's a filthy mess with a few bent parts that's frozen the action up, but yet the carriage is in fully operational condition when removed from the main body (something that is rarely the case). Usually the return lever is out of whack, springs are missing, or the escapement is gummed up.