Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Portable Typewriter of the Gods

For me, the Portable Typewriter of the Gods has arrived.
For some time, I've fancied 3 bank typewriters. I have many 4 banks, and use them quite frequently, but someway, somehow, I type considerably faster upon a 3 bank. And of the 3 banks that exist, I must say that those which fold are even more a sight to behold. Among these, are those wonderful Corona 3's. Yet I cannot use a Corona 3, for the same reason that I cannot type more than half a page upon my Oliver 5: the dreaded, evil, vile, despicable lack of a key to the right of the L key, resulting in the horrific... Floating Pinky Effect. I shall not go in depth into the subject, as my mind can hardly contain the rage over the small, almost inconsequential issue. Yet there it stands.
Yet, luckily for me, I did spy another machine. Its big brother sits upon my desk already, and so I could already attest to the manufacturers ability to produce quality machines.  It was beautiful, sleek, and folding. And it had a backspace to the right of the L key.
For all I could tell, heaven itself bathed the machine in its light as I looked upon it.
And so now, after much anticipation and desire, do i have it:

This wonderful machine, this artistic representation of industry, this machine of the gods....
Can you guess what it is?


  1. Stumped.
    That case base with a rim, yet it folds... ...doesn't start with an E, does it.

    (I keep having to look at that amazingly clean workbench! Always wondered what it would look like, a cleaned bench ;-)

  2. I havent ever seen that case before either. But the typewriter folds? Shot in the dark: bijou???

  3. Hm, I don't know, unless it's an Erika/Bijou as the others guessed.

    I don't meet too many people who prefer 3-banks. But maybe with our 3-row phone keyboards this preference will grow!

    Corona actually offered a rest key for your pinkie which you could attach to the typewriter. It's a rare item.

    Looking forward to the reveal.