Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Quick Brown Fox

"The Quick Brown Fox Tried To Jump Over The Legal Battle Against Corona But Hit The Wall" just isn't quite so easy to use as its shorter, more common variant I suppose. But therein lays another reason I choose not to use a Corona 3 Bank; The scoundrels at Corona ran the Fox Typewriter Co. into the dirt. And as it just so happens, the top of my "Favorite Typewriters/Brands" looks a little something like this:

1) Fox Typewriter Co.
2) Underwood Typewriter Co.
3) Royal Typewriter Co.

And so on from there.
Yet luckily, Fox continued to make their portables even during the legal trials, giving me the ability to obtain one myself.
And so I have.

It needs work, but in truth I have yet to obtain a typewriter which hasn't required work. Then again, I look for machines in the "Affordable" range, so that has probably led to my situation. But I find that tuning and cleaning these machines lends me insight into how they were made, and how every function does function.
And so far, I must declare that the brilliant minds at Fox knew how to make one helluvah machine.
And as a final note, the decal on the interior of the case scares me. Its the logo with the fox that has almost human eyes which stare at you almost unnaturally. I would have much preferred the adorable "Baby fox" logo for this baby fox. Alas.


  1. At least that fox is on the inside of the case and not on the typewriter. Nice typewriter, love the colour.

  2. Nice machine - a definite keeper!

  3. Hadn't expected that! Clever compact folding machine, that.
    (To console the little Fox, right after Corona thought they had dealt with such things as 'competition', both Underwood and Remington jumped on them and about halved their sales numbers. :)