Monday, June 1, 2015

TBR Round 2: '30 Royal P/ '31 Underwood Standard/ '32 Smith Corona

Welcome to the second round of the TYPEWRITER BATTLE ROYAL! Where random machines of similar years are pitted against each other for the fun of... well, myself at least.
This round, we have a Royal '30 portable, a '31 Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter of the 4 bank variety, and a '32 Smith Corona Standard. Who Will Win!?!?!??!

Well, I've already run out of comparable machines. So, you get to decide the next matchup!

Potential Contestants so far unused:
Fox Model 25
Oliver 11
Underwood 3-bank
Remington 1 Portable
Fox 1 Portable
Olympia SM3
Royal 10
Remington 12
Royal Junior
Underwood Noiseless 77

Or if these machines should be matched against machines already used, let me know! Just throw your suggestion in the comments below.


  1. Haven't read the full post yet. My money's on the Corona!

    1. Ah, I was right. That poor Underwood was smothered.

  2. How about the all of the three bankers fight it out - Underwood 3 bank, Oliver 11, both Fox portables and the Corona 3

  3. I want a cage match between the Oliver 11 and one of your 3 bank typewriters.

    1. ...or all the three banks together as JustAnotherGuy suggests. I suspect that the Oliver 11 will play dirty though and try to sit on the other typewriters using his great bulk to his advantage.

  4. Smith Corona wins by a mile, looks like a champ, and how smooth and relaxed that typecast is!