Friday, June 19, 2015

Typewriter Company Letters

From my personal collection, here is a random selection of letters sent out from those manufacturers of our beloved writing machines.

The Underwood letter, to me, is by far the most interesting solely due to the outstanding way in which they ask the customer for payment. They don't heckle, they simply state the facts in a most professional manner which many modern corporations could learn from.


  1. I wonder if these three were typed on a Remington, Oliver, and Underwood respectively!

    1. I suppose it would depend on whether these letters came from the main offices of their respective companies or some far out one man operation in the middle of nowhere. I can assume it the latter would use whatever they had availible, but the former would only use their own machines. Imagine the insane publicity if it came to light that Remington used Underwoods to do its business work.