Thursday, August 27, 2015

To Collect Them All Or Not To Collect Them All, That Is The Question

Post Script: Everyone bring marshmallows and sticks to the Pacific Northwest. We're having the largest campfire in decades over here.


  1. Familiar story, just turned away two people waving money at me to get my Composer. I have learned to part with many, though. I just get too many of them, and have bursts of paring down the more normal machines that could be better used elsewhere. I've given many away as well, hoping to seed the faith.

    I am hopeful you don't get singed up there (:

  2. I can identify with your sentiments. For me, bringing money into the equation interferes with the enjoyment I get from my typewriters. Since I tend to spend little or nothing on acquiring them, I can afford to be a bit high-minded. I'd prefer to give them to people who would really enjoy them. I'm also considering trades with other typewriter lovers for interesting (broken) specimens.

  3. This is a problem my father faces, who is an artist, and a poor artist because he just can't sell his art, it is like babies to him. Parting with a piece makes him sick.