Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Green Machine; A 1929 Royal Model P

My newest addition, a 1929 Royal Model P, stripped down for cleaning. Green looks lovely on these wonderful machines.

Pieced back together, all that's needed is a ribbon. And whats this?...

In my collection I happen to have a few unused ribbons, and this one just happened to be destined for this machine.

Shiny new ribbon spool! But, newly cleaned and freshly ribbon'd, this machines truly special nature is yet to be shown.


  1. Very art deco!

  2. Best "W" ever! Congratulations on a beautiful machine and a beautiful typeface.

  3. Hard to beat those Model Ps. I love that typeface, it goes great with that machine.

  4. Nice score! In Vogue even - shiny! :D

  5. It looks like new. Congratulations on this one.