Friday, July 3, 2015

Fox Advertisements: Part 5

Though I was unable to find very many examples, these four advertisements were interesting enough that I thought I would share them anyway.


  1. That last ad is neat - listing very specific forces! A key tension of two ounces (~60 gf) is indeed light - my Speedline Corona has a 60 to 70 gf key tension and that I think is a very light touch! Even with lots of tweaking, oiling and cleaning I can't get the tension of a Remington Portable much under 80 to 100 gf.
    Nice to see such factual and explicit advertising with their key differentiating feature!

    1. If I was able to actually get my desktop Fox working to that degree of smoothness and ease, I would quite possibly stop typing on just about everything else. A light touch to a machine is as a Root Beer Float is to a hot summer day.