Monday, July 6, 2015

TBR Round 3: Battle of the 3 Banks

The Typewriter Battle Royal Round 3 is upon us! The battle of the 3 banks has begun, and only one can be the victor! Who will win? Who will surpass all others!? Probably none! All these machines are very good machines, though one happens to skip to the finish line first.

You, dear reader, have the democratic option of choosing the next post I, well, post. Your selection as chosen by the primary typewriter caucus;

Option 1: The Fox Portable Typewriter: The differences between the No. 1, No. 2, and Sterling.
Option 2: Typewriter Battle Royal round 4: The Desktops (Fox 25, Royal 10, Remington 12, Oliver)
Option 3: Typewriter Battle Royal round 4: Peoples Choice
Option 4: (Suggest topic in the comments)
Option 5: Tips on tuning (Your choice of machine, so long as I do possess it and have worked on it.)


  1. I had a really messed-up Underwood 3-bank for a while, but I definitely enjoyed using it more than any other 3-bank I've tried. (yet to have a chance with a Fox Sterling!) Definitely better than a Corona 3!

    I vote for Option 1.

    1. Someday, I hope you get the chance to use a Fox portable. They are very unique machines. And for being so popular, it seems the Corona just can't compete

  2. C'mon, that Oliver 11 is the "Speedster" model and even has a decal of flying hands! :)

    I have never had a good typing experience on a Corona 3. They just weren't made to last until the 21st century.

    Underwood 3-banks are as well-engineered as their big brothers.

    1. I will say that by model 11, they finally added a separate key for the period, which undoubtedly does increase its speed in no longer needing to shift to end a sentence. Why it took them so long to do such a simple thing, however, is beyond me.
      If a genie were to grant me a wish, I would most likely ask for a brand new machine, straight from the factory. I can only imagine that even the Coronas typed like pure bliss when brand new.